Beware of fraudulent online service providers

Over the last few months South Africans have seen an increase of service providers advertising to remove information off consumers’ credit reports from credit bureaus at a cost, through online classified services. We urge you to beware of these fraudulent service providers who are active online on public websites.

Credit bureaus do not remove information unless – after an investigation – there is a legitimate reason for removal.

Consumers have a right to challenge the information on their credit record should they believe the information is incorrect. They can register a dispute and request an investigation by the credit bureau.

Experian will investigate the dispute and respond within 20 business days. Credit Providers will see that there is a dispute on the record but will not be able to view the disputed information during this investigation period.  Should the information prove to be incorrect or unsubstantiated it will be removed.

Experian encourages consumers to take advantage of the free annual service provided by all credit bureaus as prescribed by the National Credit Act, which entitles you to one free credit report once a year at no cost.

We urge consumers to make the bureau their first point of call. Request a free copy of your credit report to understand how you can manage your credit rating instead of falling prey to fraudulent scams.

Contact us on 0861 105 665.

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For queries and advice about your credit report, please contact Experian Consumer Relations on:

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Fax:   011 707-6700 

As of 1 June 2015, on-site consumer enquiries will not be available at any Experian offices.

Should you have a consumer enquiry, please phone our Help Desk on 0861 105 665 for assistance or email us at:



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