ID verification

Instant verification for quick and confident lending decisions

ID Verification

Experian works closely with the department of Home Affairs to assist lenders to confirm a consumer’s identity. ID Verification from Experian accesses over 30 million verified identity numbers, each with associated names and addresses, allowing you to confirm the identity of an applicant quickly.

Identity verification for loan applicants is important in preventing fraud and ensuring your accounts can be paid. 

Benefits of ID Verification from Experian

  • Combat identity fraud
  • Mitigate lending risk
  • Faster credit decisioning
  • Reduce and avoid bad debt
  • Accurate view of customers

Key features

  • Confirm that the ID number supplied by a consumer on application matches a consumer’s name and surname as validated by Home Affairs
  • Quickly identify an identity number that matches to a deceased record
  • Electronic checking allows instant validation return

Be confident of your applicants’ identity and make application decisions faster while mitigating fraud risk.  Use Experian’s ID Verification for all your credit decisioning needs and combat fraud before it happens.

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