Debt Analysis

Maximise and improve the quality of your customer understanding

Analytics for Collections and Recoveries

For Debt Collections and Debt Recoveries, debt analytics is a critical part of the process to enable organisations to create an accurate picture of their customers’ propensity and ability to pay, and ultimately the amount likely to be recovered.

Behavioural scores can be built to segment customers and prioritise collections activities to maximise recoveries and reduce collections costs.

Key benefits of debt analytics and behavioural scoring from Experian:

  • Maximise recoveries
  • Reduce collection costs
  • Improve quality of customer understanding

How can debt analytics work for me?

Experian offers a range of custom and bureau scoring development, monitoring and evaluation services to enable lenders to maximise and continue to improve the quality of their customer understanding.

Using Experian’s debt analytics you can:

  • Understand the ability and propensity of your customer to repay outstanding debt
  • Prioritise collections activities to maximise recoveries and reduce collections costs
  • Use scoring for price determination when selling distressed assets
  • Monitor and evaluate the predictive strength of existing scorecards under current circumstances

Data is at the heart of everything Experian does, and over the last 30 years it has developed expertise in the interpretation and use of credit bureau and clients’ customer data. Analytics turns this data into information, which enables organisations to predict how applicants and customers will behave in the Debt Collections and Debt Recoveries process, and beyond if they remain a customer.

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