Increase cash flow while minimising operational costs with Experian's collection management software


The deployment of software tools into the Collections and Recoveries operation can help an organisation establish a centralised, consistent operation. Tallyman is the sophisticated software system that is at the heart of Decision Analytics Collections and Recoveries proposition from Experian.


How can we help you?

  • Tallyman enables businesses to realise faster and earlier collection of outstanding debt with an agile implementation of the system; a rapid evaluation to quickly identify the most effective collections strategies; and to make use of the flexibility within Tallyman, with easy optimisation of the solution to ensure that the quickest and lowest cost methods are used.
  • Tallyman segments customers into highly-specific customer types according to a wide range of variables, to provide greater flexibility in managing customers and to assign accurate collections priority.
  • The provision for bad debt can be significantly reduced by clearing outstanding debt balances at a faster rate than previously experienced. The flexibility of the system means that specialist treatments can be applied to accounts, based on specific customer behaviour, while new approaches can be deployed easily to cover new situations.
  • The powerful management information module within the solution delivers advanced business intelligence functionality, enabling managers, team leaders and system administrators to monitor the effectiveness of the collections system and to highlight areas that are performing well, while identifying those areas that require further enhancement.

A few key facts

  • Automate many of the standard collections processes and minimise collections costs and time to collect.
  • Protect future revenue streams, reduce churn and facilitate future selling opportunities.
  • Increase cash flow by improving recovery rates and reducing bad debt write-offs.
  • Improve staff productivity and focus collections resources.

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