A risk scoring tool that helps you proactively manage your existing customers

Delphi for Customer Management

Identifying and acting upon the changing risk profile of customers is critical in order to ensure that relationships are effectively managed. Delphi for Customer Management (DCM) is a suite of highly predictive generic bureau-based behavioural scorecards that provides users in all credit lending environments with regularly updated information on existing customers. DCM assists organisations to identify appropriate customer management strategies to strengthen relationships with existing customers.

Key features

Better decisions - Access to Experian’s vast array of data assets and analytics enable you to make the right acquisition decisions to grow your business but at the same time control bad debt, business risk and exposure.


Cost effective - As a bureau-based service, it frees up time and cost associated with the development, implementation and monitoring of custom bureau scorecards.


Tailored to business requirements - Where needed, additional characteristics can be added for specific organisations or market sectors to ensure the overall scoring solution meets every business requirement.


External customer information – Incorporates shared data from many other lending organisations into the score providing a true ‘customer view’.

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