KreditInformation Sharing System (KISS)

What is it?

KISS, an Experian Business Information solution, provides clients with a monitoring facility designed to draw attention to changes in payment trends and enhances the service provided by KreditUpdate.  KreditUpdate is an electronic service that monitors existing debtors’ activity which may change the nature of the relationship between supplier and debtor.

How can KISS help you?

By sharing this information, one can monitor and even predict debtor behaviour.  In this way, potential problems may be identified early – all through an autonomous third party who guarantees absolute confidentiality.


Some key facts:

  • Subscribers receive a monthly update on all trade references.
  • Suppliers are alerted to any ‘slow-downs’ in payment prior to hand-overs and summonses need to be made.
  • Subscribing companies have the opportunity to monitor exposure and risk among common debtors.
  • Electronic access to age analysis details.
  • KISS provides additional information on existing debtors and potential bad debt.
  • The data shows the number of companies supplying shared information, outstanding amounts, payment behaviours and trade references.
  • An indication is given of the total overdue amount pertaining to the collected trade experiences, as well as a percentage of the overdue amounts outstanding. This enables a credit or financial manager to weigh up the stability of a debtor in the marketplace.
  • The ageing of outstanding debt is broken down to reflect from current to 120+ days and shows a 6-month payment profile of a specific debtor. 
  • KISS indicates the average time it takes for debtors to pay their accounts.  Additionally, a value-added monthly average shows debtors who pay on the due date for instance, or faster payments of small amounts and slower payments of larger amounts. 
  • KISS shows the oldest outstanding account which allows subscribers to compare the payment of their accounts to the rest of a specified industry.  
  • Total credit exposure comparisons are achieved by the consolidation of divisional and branch accounts.
  • Debtors fluctuating by more than 10% are highlighted to reflect accounts with an increasing or decreasing purchasing trend.


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