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KreditProperties from Experian is a property valuation report suite that offers several data points for a given property using a robust Auto Valuation Model (AVM).  Along with a predicted value of the property, the report returns the history of the property as well as useful information about the area surrounding the property to give you the most accurate picture.

Property valuation reports from Experian enable you to understand and analyse your current customer base better and can even help you determine a target customer base.

Using sophisticated prediction technology, the Auto Valuation Model (AVM) generates:

  • A predicted value of the subject  property
  • High and low value ranges
  • The confidence level of the predicted value
  • A safety score
  • Reports on the volume of property transactions used to determine the predicted value

Other features of a property valuation report from Experian

Beyond actual property values, the report provides insightful information on the surrounding area of the property as well as the history of the property. 

  • Spatial and satellite maps highlight the subject property as well as the closest, most recent property transfers
  • Property transfer history of the subject property that lists all transactions since 1993 and specifies dates, purchase prices and buyer and seller names
  • Most recent transfers information tabulates the address (where available), erf number, purchase price and sales and transfer dates of properties in the immediate vicinity with recent activity
  • Street and suburb summaries details the number, total, highest, lowest, average and median values achieved per year
  • Closest amenities lists the shopping centers, educational establishments, medical facilities and police stations with respective distances from the subject property

With a property valuation report using Kreditproperties, you gain the most insight into a property - giving you the ability to place the property in perspective relative to other comparison points.

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