Customer Lifecycle Management

Drive proactive and reactive strategy
at every customer touch point

Probe SM

Effective customer lifecycle management allows for pre-emptive collection and recoveries action before the customer becomes delinquent. Through the effective use of data, triggers and segmentation, you can gain a picture of where customers are becoming over indebted and may struggle to meet their commitments.

Experian’s Probe SM combines data management with segmentation, scorecards and strategies to drive customer management throughout the organisation. It aggregates data from account management systems and other sources with historical data, and uses it to calculate the unique set of decisioning variables used in the scoring and strategy setting processes.

How can Experian enhance customer lifecycle management?

Probe SM from Experian enables organisations to drive strategy proactively and reactively at throughout the customer lifecycle. Operating at account and customer level, it deploys immediate, consistent and appropriate customer management.

Benefits of Probe SM

  • Avoid and reduce customer defaults
  • Collect an un-biased, full customer picture at every touchpoint
  • Manage risk exposure

Features of Probe SM

  • Carry out regular customer reviews to detect deteriorating trends prior to delinquency
  • Use customer-level data to get the full customer picture
  • Test the degree to which customers' finances are stressed
  • Prioritise cases going into collections based on risk, behaviour and customer value

Probe SM ultimately allows you to mitigate your risk exposure and increase your collections all while deploying effective and superior customer management.

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