Effective Debt Collection process Management

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Free On-demand Webinar: Collection Strategies in Customer Management Systems

Watch this on-demand webinar to understand how to use insightful data, software and analytical capabilities to create an effective collection strategy.

Effective Debt Collection Process Management

Implement and manage debt collections activities to improve interaction with your customers.

Effective debt collection process management for a streamlined operation where manual tasks are automated, focusing skilled resources for maximum effort.


Tallyman is the sophisticated software system that is at the heart of the Decision Analytics debt management solution from Experian. The system streamlines the collections process, reduces bad debt write-offs, improves cash flow, reduces provisioning and cures more customers, which improves customer relationships and facilitates future selling opportunities.

Building and managing successful relationships

Probe SM powers our customer management solutions. Our range of software offers a scalable, flexible solution to fit your business needs. Powered by Generation 3 technology it enables the business to control and manage the customer throughout the customer life cycle.

Collection Letters

Experian's Collection Letters provide the opportunity to recoup outstanding monies without the need of a legal team. By utilising the Experian brand, your debtor is more likely to act on the payment prompter due to the nature and seriousness of the correspondence. 

Scoring & Analytics

Experian offers a range of custom and bureau scoring development, monitoring and evaluation services to enable lenders to maximise and continue to improve the quality of their customer understanding.


Experian Decision Analytics’ consultants have built in-depth expertise in serving major organisations around the globe, helping them to improve debt recovery and minimise costs.

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