Finding balance at the digital tipping point

Right now businesses across the globe are at a digital tipping point as ‘traditional’ commercial models are predicted to simply disappear within the next five years, new research has shown.

It comes as the majority of senior business leaders also acknowledge many of their current commercial approaches are ineffective, they’re now operating within a digital divide and need to quickly increase budgets to catch up and improve customer experience and customer management.

We’ve been working with Forrester Consulting to gauge opinion from nearly 400 CEOs and decision-makers working right across Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.

Many are telling us the same things and are facing common challenges.

In today’s business climate, rapid innovation, fierce competition and rising customer expectations make it harder and harder for well-established organisations to outpace leaner, new-to-market industry entrants that aren’t hindered by legacy systems or dated operating models.

At the same time, it’s clear the cultural shift that’s underway is being largely driven by the expectations of today’s global cohort of well-informed ‘always-on’ digitally-savvy customers.

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