Business review paves the way for customer service improvements and saves €250 million (Rand 3370 million)

The business review that paved the way for customer service improvements and saved €250 million (Rand 3370 million) for one leading telco 

By moving away from internal siloes, connecting the dots and cost-effective use of analytics and data helped improved customer experience from start to finish.

Our client is a successful Spanish telecommunications operator with 14 million customers and part of a global group operating in 30 countries. Robust business processes were already in place, but when the financial crisis hit, the client seized the opportunity to review its customer management function in order to identify opportunities to reduce compulsory churn and bad debt, while remaining competitive in an increasingly challenging market.

Following the business review a number of key customer management objectives were tackled. They included:

• Increased revenue through better decision-making.
• Move away from internal siloes, connect the dots to improve customer experience from start to finish by creating better alignment between the business functions of acquisition, fraud prevention, risk and debt management.
• Reduced exposure to high-risk applicants.
• Improved fraud prevention to block never-intended-to-pay customers.
• Increased efficiency through reducing time-consuming manual processes
• Maintaining a high acceptance rates while sustaining a low level of bad debt.

We’d already worked with our client in South Africa, where a similar comprehensive business review had delivered €16 million (Rand 216 million) per annum in benefits.

As a result, our consultants were invited to assess the company’s Spanish arm, in