Customer Experience

A core theme at our recent Innovation Summit was Customer Experience and how it is becoming a critical differentiator in acquiring, managing and retaining customers. Knowing your customer and delivering the best customer experience possible has never been more critical than in today’s digital context, where the customer is truly king.

Taking this to heart, Experian have invested in dedicated ‘customer experience’ resources at both a regional and country level and we are pleased to update you on several new initiatives largely based on client feedback that we received in our customer survey that took place in May.

The initiatives include:

  • Consumer information batch processing capacity:
    • This has been doubled and all SLA’s have been met recently
  • Consumer information data loading:
    • We are processing double the number of files that we were 12 months ago and consistently beating SLA’s
  • Billing:
    • We have automated 95% of our billing, minimising the scope for human error
  • Service and Support:
    • We have invested in new software to better manage your queries and we are in the process of creating a dedicated South African Service Desk to provide you with a single point of contact for all your queries
  • Software Delivery:
    • We have launched a Market Associate Program which aligns dedicated global experts to the South African market

We look forward to sharing more developments with you in the coming months as we respond to your on-going feedback and look to continuously improve our processes and procedures to enhance your customer experience.