Why GDPR offers a timely opportunity to transform, optimise and future-proof your business.

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into effect at the end of May 2018. When it does all organisations will need to maintain accurate data on their EU customers.

The aim is to strengthen data privacy and protection for all EU citizens. It will transform processes to standardise and protect data and the individual who owns it. Key changes include consumers’ ‘right to be forgotten’ at any point, the right to be informed of data use, and the right to obtain copies of a person’s personal data.

Need to find out more? Our resources page will outline the key points including:

  • Why the quality, accuracy and integrity of the personal data you hold will help drive your success.
  • How we can help enhance your overall data quality.
  • Key steps you can take now and after May 2018.
  • Why ensuring data quality is not only good practice, it also makes sound commercial sense.
  • How it can enable organisations to achieve significant savings by helping address needless customer attrition, poor collections rates, wasted operational costs, poor customer experience and damage to reputation.

We outlined what GDPR meant for business in detail during a live webinar held on November 15.  Missed it? No problem. Click here to get the recording and related white paper. They outline how data management and being GDPR compliant can drive your performance, how personal data regulation is changing and the key elements of the regulation.