When it comes to preventing fraud, knowledge is power

Win customer certainty and a competitive advantage with insight into emerging fraud trends

Fraud is a growing concern for consumers and businesses alike, while consumers expect to be safeguarded.

How well-equipped are you for online customer authentication?

Our 2018 Global Fraud and Identity Report analyses the opportunities, costs and challenges risk poses among more than 6,000 consumers and businesses worldwide. It delves into opinion and understanding around today’s security protocols and gauged the level of confidence in consumer identification. Findings reveal:

  • Most businesses (72%) say fraud is a growing concern.
  • Businesses need to better identify their customers to fight online fraud.
  • More than 70% know that they deny far more transactions than they should.
  • It doesn’t just lead to a loss of sales – it’s also likely to cost in the long-term loss of customers.
  • Up to 84% of businesses say the need for fraud mitigation could be reduced if they were certain about customers’ identity.

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