Back to the classroom for Experian South Africa as staff school teenagers in credit awareness

Hundreds of students from 60 schools in and around Johannesburg’s Gauteng province are being equipped with the knowledge, know-how and skill-set to help them make better-informed credit decisions as they approach adulthood.

We’ve joined forces with South Africa’s Credit Bureau Association (CBA) and the National Credit Regulator (NCR) as part of an extensive three-month credit education campaign aimed at Grade 11 and 12 learners.

Sessions are performed in the format of an industrial theatre show, with stories following the lives of three school leavers embarking on their credit journey for the first time. They’re all real-life scenarios featuring retail, unsecured loan and vehicle loan credit decision-making, to create awareness and understanding of the critical decisions that many of the students will face and are likely to make in the near future, when they’re offered credit for the first time.

Experian South Africa Chief Customer Officer Mark Wells, has been at the forefront of the initiative from the outset and has already spent time successfully tackling the potentially thorny issue of credit bureaux.

Mark says: “We’re pleased to be involved in a drive that genuinely shows the realities of credit to learners while providing education on credit and credit reports. Creating this understanding from a young age will prepare and equip learners – and even help them in their present households where parents, or another family member may be faced with an important credit decision.

“Our hope is that the campaign will also give them the knowledge required to make an informed decision when offered credit in their school leaving years and beyond.”