Experian South Africa partners with renowned media personality to successfully deliver financial literacy Know Your Money campaign to thousands of consumers

We partnered with renowned media personality Ms Winnie Kunene, to help raise awareness among thousands about financial literacy and ways to become more responsible with money and savings.

The Know Your Money project included useful features in community newspapers and on radio, to highlight the importance of a good credit score and how to borrow money responsibly.

Zolani Kunene, from the Know Your Money team together with 22 Experian staff, volunteered at Jabulani Mall in Soweto last month, as part of the campaign.

While many consumers thought themselves ‘rotten’ financially, some braved the team in their Experian T-shirts and Know Your Money gear to sit down for a short consultation. It was a nervy experience for some, an uncomfortable wake-up call for others, but an overall pleasant experience for all.

Zolani says: “The spirit of volunteering encourages us to reach out and help others, especially when we think it is least warranted.  While it was very clear that some Experian colleagues were out of their comfort zones in the beginning, it was even more impressive to notice the change in them by the end of the day after having been able to help people through their financial profiles.”

The week proved to be a resounding success and a valuable experience for all involved.

“From the Know Your Money team, I would like to thank all the volunteers for taking the time from their busy days and countless emails, to give of their expertise. A big thank you to Experian as a business, for allowing staff members to take time from their day to enrich the community. We look forward to doing this again,” adds Zolani.