Data management platform

Managed DMP

Experian’s Data Management Platform (DMP) service allows you to combine your own data with additional insights, creating intelligent interactions across channels and devices to improve consumer experience and media efficiency.

Driving value with a DMP

Managing large amounts of data can be a cumbersome task, especially if you don’t have a consolidated approach to how you organise and use your data. Add this to the challenge of how to engage effectively with customers and it becomes clear why more support is needed. This explains why many organisations are adopting a DMP; to make the most out of their data and ultimately provide more meaningful messages to their customers.

Why use Experian's Managed DMP Service

If you’ve invested in a DMP, you’ll need to make sure you apply it correctly as this will determine whether your business and customers are seeing the benefit. Experian can support your organisation through this process, even if it means starting from the beginning and cleansing the data you want to use within the DMP. With a long history in managing and using data responsibly, you can trust Experian to develop your DMP strategy.

Reduce Wastage

A DMP can reduce wasted time and budget by tracking media impressions across multiple channels and platforms. A DMP can also retarget the most relevant customers while excluding others for increased targeting accuracy.


A DMP can create accurate audiences based on your ideal customers. This can help you to create highly tailored messages on the most relevant channels, enabling you to understand your customers on a much more granular level.

Increase Conversions

With a DMP you can combine first and third-party data into your seed group and use lookalike audiences to set up both manual and automated campaigns to increase customer acquisition.

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