Customer & Consumer Database Marketing

A compliant method for your consumer prospecting needs

Experian’s comprehensive B2C marketing database provides a compliant method for your customer contact and prospecting communications. Each record is linked to our demographic and lifestyle data, ensuring you fully understand your chosen audience and only focus on the right people to contact and cut out messages to those unlikely to interact with your brand.

Direct marketing remains one of the most effective ways to communicate with consumers. Whether your aim is to re-engage with existing or lapsed customers, or introduce your brand, products or services to new consumers. Experian’s B2C database draws together information from a variety of approved sources, allowing trusted organisations to communicate with relevant consumers across direct mail and email marketing.

Each record can be linked to any of our socio-demographic models and our customer insights. Helping you to truly understand the profile of individuals that are interacting with your brand, driving greater consumer engagement, conversions and ultimately return on investment (ROI).

Experian's B2C database can help you:

  • Increase brand awareness, sales and subscriber registrations
  • Encourage consumers (existing customers and prospects) to sign-up organically for future direct mail / email communications
  • Re-engage with dormant customers
  • Deliver highly-effective, compliant consumer marketing campaigns

How it works

Gain a better understanding of the profile of your customers, allowing you to prioritise those most likely to engage with your brand

Activate multi-channel campaigns and target the same audience(s) across social, display, programmatic and TV advertising

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