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Media Trading Services

Our Media Trading team comprise of experienced digital marketers who are used to working alongside organisations to plan and execute successful digital campaigns through programmatic, social and addressable TV channels.   Working alongside our clients we really understand their business target market utilising Experian insights and build strategies to meet their commercial objectives be those targeted reach or performance-based driving efficiency into your media spend. 

By working with our team, you will have access to campaign planning and execution experts who are skilled in leveraging multiple deployment platforms to deliver highly targeted campaigns.  In addition to all the usual tactics each platform can support, you will also benefit from our team’s experience in deploying Experian audiences or suppressions as part of digital campaign tactics to ensure we are spending on those consumers most likely to be interested in your brand.  By using the power of Experian data insights to really understand your target segments we can help you understand how well you are currently resonating within these groups and where we believe there are additional opportunities to drive more value.

Unlike many trading desks in the marketplace Experian’s is truly channel agnostic so it has the flexibility to dip in and out of specific channels for its clients depending on where the intended audience are most likely to be found.

Benefits of Media Trading/Management

  • Highly targeted based on a combination of in platform and Experian audiences
  • Access to experts in data led digital campaign execution across multiple sectors and regions
  • Experts in utilisation of Experian data within digital targeting
  • Access to bespoke audiences not readily available within in execution platforms
  • Multi platform approach to ensure we are maximising coverage of your audience reach
  • Transparent by design, providing clarity of fees and tactic performance with no margin manipulation

Elemis - Bespoke Audiences Case Study

To reach the most relevant customers and enhance campaign performance, Experian created a bespoke ‘Vegan Centric’ audience using a range of in-depth, accurate and verified data, in addition to other data sets such as lookalike audiences and CRM customers.

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