Customer Insights and Modeling

Deliver exceptional brand experience for your customers by turning data into insight for your marketing strategy

Our Marketing Analytics solutions are focused on helping you to understand, identify and grow your customers using accurate insight across all channels. The services we offer include:

Consumer Modelling

Predictive analytics on consumers to maximise marketing efficiency?

Bespoke Consumer Segmentation

Providing tailored consumer marketing strategies

Location Planning

Using insight to make the right location decisions.

Consumer Profiling

Understanding your target audience.

Algorithmic Attribution

Measuring the impact of each marketing channel.

Consumer modelling

Predictive analytics to maximise marketing efficiency

Organisations constantly strive to make their marketing activity more effective. In a world where vast quantities of data are created every second, it can be difficult to cut through the noise and focus on the most relevant and powerful insights. By building a clear view of customers, organisations can understand how people interact with their brand and then use this insight to predict future behaviour and target the right people.

Consumer modelling and the customer lifecycle

By using a wide range of data to create statistical models it is possible to predict how someone is likely to behave.  This insight allows marketers to create strategies which enhance the customer experience whilst ensuring the most effective and efficient use of the marketing budget.

  • Identify people that are likely to be interested in your company and solutions
  • Talk to people at the right time, with the right message through the best channel
  • Spot customers who you want to stay in touch with so that you can take steps to engage them further

Consumer Segmentation

Behind every customer is an individual

Communicate with your customers more effectively through Experian’s segmentation products. Experian’s data segments UK consumers through financial behaviour, demographic classification, digital behaviour and buying habits. We also offer bespoke segmentation which can support tailored marketing strategies.


Behind every customer is an individual. Mosaic is Experian’s renowned demographic segmentation. Serving as a common currency across all marketing channels, Mosaic provides you market-leading insight and the intelligence you need to reach the right people with the right message at the right time.

Financial Strategy Segments

Gain a deeper understanding of your customers by exploring current consumer financial behaviour trends, allowing you to communicate with them more effectively.

Today, data can give us more insightful answers to these questions than ever before. Our Financial Strategy Segments tool gives a rare and fascinating overview of today’s UK adult population at macro and micro level by exploring current financial behaviour trends and the emergence of new types of consumers. This insight gives organisations a much deeper understanding of consumers’ financial behaviour and allows you to communicate with them more effectively.

Bespoke Segmentation

In certain situations, a bespoke solution tailored to the needs of your customers and business is more appropriate. Get in touch to learn how a differentiated approach can set you apart from your competitors.

The most important aspect of marketing is understanding your customers; their behaviours, preferences and drivers. This is paramount to offering a great customer experience and forming meaningful relationships. By offering tailored communications, products and services to people's needs, you provide extra value every time you engage. This then begs the question; how do you begin to understand what your different customers desire?

Location planning

Use insight to make the right location decisions

Identifying the best locations when making valuable bricks and mortar investment is hugely important, and it's crucial those decisions are based on hard facts. In our digital world it's more important than ever that location planning decisions are considered as part of a multi-channel strategy. A physical visit to a store needs to fit into the wider customer journey. It's highly unlikely someone making a purchase in store hasn't interacted on some level with some of your marketing.

Location planning services

Integrate geographic data, proven analytical techniques and technology to make data-informed decisions about locations, including:

  • Optimise location targeting through understanding catchment area profiles
  • Predict demand for goods & services across geographical areas
  • Assess the competition and their impact on available opportunity
  • Analyse what drives performance and benchmark existing locations
  • Expand site networks by assessing the potential of new locations

Consumer profiling

Understand your audience

How well do you know your customers? Understanding customers is the critical component to delivering accurate, relevant and effective customer experiencts.

Consumer profiling benefits

Building a strong understanding of your customer drives marketing efficiency and allows you to talk to them about products they are likely to be interested in. With this information you can focus on delivering accurate, relevant and interesting customer experiences.

  • Identify and visualise the shared characteristics amongst individuals within your audience
  • Create tailor made groupings on a range of characteristics such as geography, demographics, consumer and financial propensities
  • Make data-informed decisions to have better conversations with your customers about products they would actually be interested in

Algorithmic attribution

Measure the impact of each marketing channel

As digital channels broaden and cross-channel marketing becomes more complex, accurately assessing the impact of each marketing channel becomes an even bigger challenge. Understanding how and when people engage is essential for creating great customer experiences.

This customer journey creates a map of interactions and streamlining the customer journey creates a smoother experience. However, when it comes to attribution, many brands and organisations still operate a last-click model which gives all the credit to the final interaction. This can really skew the way we view customer journeys and creates challenges to proving the ROI of marketing efforts.

By attributing incorrectly or without all the information marketers are potentially giveing credit to the wrong channel when in fact an individual prefers a different channel. This could take the focus away from what is best for your customer.

Algorithmic attribution model

It is now possible to systematically measure the influence of each channel on your digital marketing campaigns. This allows marketers to recognise the value of each channel, prove ROI and use data-informed decision making to reinvest budget intelligently.

  • Measure the impact of each digital channel on a purchase decision
  • Evaluate different campaign scenarios, allowing for business constraints such as budgets and targets
  • Create a platform to make data-informed decisions to reinvest with channels that your customer prefer

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