Information and Scoring

Information and Scoring

We can provide you with the most up to date and accurate information, helping you to react intelligently with greater speed and consistency, and reduce risk at the same time. Experian’s comprehensive range of consumer and business data, reporting and scoring software is available across a wide variety of industry sectors.

Information and Scoring - Products and Services

Instant access to superior credit information

With CreditNow, you get fast and easy access to Experian's consumer credit information.

Consumer Credit Reports

We can help you make informed decisions through superior credit information.
Experian hosts the most comprehensive consumer credit information database in South Africa, providing credit grantors with the largest range of credit information.

Business Credit Reports

When evaluating business credit, your ability to make the right decisions is only as good as the data driving those decisions. Since past performance is highly indicative of future risk, Kredit Reports provide the detailed insight you need to make wise decisions as you acquire customers.

Analytics & Scores

Experian Decision Analytics combines expertise with consultancy and analytical services to create solutions across the customer life cycle. Our approach to analytics is not just to build scorecards but to capture real business benefits.

Delphi for Customer Management

Delphi for Customer Management (DCM) is a suite of highly predictive generic bureau-based behavioural scorecards that provides users in all credit lending environments with regularly updated information on existing customers. 

Delphi for New Markets

Experian's Delphi for New Markets (DNM) is a highly predictive generic bureau scorecard that provides organisations with a complete view of new applicants. DNB is a refreshed acquisition bureau-based scoring model featuring even greater predictive strength than its predecessors. DNB assists traditional lenders in targeting and acquiring the most appropriate customers in the market.

Delphi for New Business

Experian's Delphi for New Business (DNB) is a highly predictive generic bureau scorecard that has been designed to effectively assess the credit risk of new market entrants, new portfolios and emerging markets where such segments may be classified as higher risk.


Detect is used to highlight possible fraud based on differences in consumer information that has been given on an application. Detect makes use of a number warning indicators to highlight possible fraudulent behaviour.


KreditScore is Experian’s statistical business scoring model. Our scoring calculates the level of risk to your business and the likelihood of a customer failing within the next 6 to 12 months. KreditScore helps you to undertake lending risk calculations. 

Bank Codes

This service offers you the facility to obtain a bank code on a company or individual to be used during your credit vetting process to ascertain whether a company is financially viable for normal trading conditions.


KreditDeeds accesses the national network of Deeds Offices in order to obtain the latest details of properties and bonds held by businesses or individuals. This database contains the National Address Directory (NAD), where Erf details are matched to street addresses.

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