Analytics and Modelling

Analytics and Modelling

Predict how applicants and customers will behave in the future by turning data into powerful information to manage risk or to enhance your marketing strategy.


Analytics and Modelling - Products and Services

Turn data into powerful information to manage risk or enhance your marketing strategy

Experian Decision Analytics combines expertise with consultancy and analytical services to create solutions across the customer life cycle. Our approach to analytics is not just to build scorecards but to capture real business benefits. While our approach is continually evolving to encompass the latest thinking and advanced techniques, our focus is always on developing practical solutions that meet your business needs.

Delphi for New Business

Experian's Delphi for New Business (DNB) is a highly predictive generic bureau scorecard that provides organisations with a complete view of new applicants. DNB, now in its fourth generation, is a refreshed acquisition bureau-based scoring model featuring targeted scorecards for various market segments. DNB assists credit providers in targeting and acquiring the most appropriate customers in the market.

Make quick, accurate decisions using Experian's strongest business credit risk score

KreditScore is a statistical scoring model that is used to predict an entity’s performance.  This is based upon the stability of management as well as other issues that may directly affect its business.  This objective business report is an important tool when credit-granting decisions need to be made.  Additionally, it assesses the risk in the SME market.  The SME score incorporates the experience and credit history of the business principals, while independently commenting on its impact on smaller businesses in South Africa. 

Once you've found good prospects, it's important to assess their creditworthiness

KreditsearchScore is not necessarily a replacement for the KreditScore, but is an additional tool to assist in the credit decision-making process.  The difference lies in the fact that it is obtained from information already on file and relies less on researched business information.  It is not as predictive as KreditScore, but provides access to consumer information rendering a snapshot of the company.  Experian has been able to apply a KreditSearchscore to over 800,000 entities on our database.

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