Consumer and Business Information

Consumer and Business Information

Accurate data is a business critical asset. Experian has over two decades of experience in managing and interpreting vast amounts of consumer and business data. We can help you reduce costs, increase productivity, identify new opportunities and gain a deeper insight into your target markets.


Consumer and Business Information - Products and Services

Instant access to superior credit information

With CreditNow, you get fast and easy access to Experian's consumer credit information. The new online credit vetting tool offers access to Experian's consumer credit and trace products through an updated web interface that provides a comprehensive consumer credit report, clear explanations of credit information and assistance with consumer education.

Informed decisions through superior credit information

Experian proudly hosts the most comprehensive consumer credit information database in South Africa, providing credit grantors with the largest range of credit information.

ID Verification

Experian works closely with the department of Home Affairs to assist lenders to confirm a consumer’s identity. Experian holds over 30 million identity numbers, each with associated names and addresses, allowing an organisation to confirm the identity of an applicant quickly.

Find potentially fraudulent applications even before a customer is accepted

Detect is used to highlight possible fraud based on differences in consumer information that has been given on an application. Detect makes use of a number warning indicators to highlight possible fraudulent behaviour.

Get a complete view of your customer's ability to pay on time

When evaluating business credit, your ability to make the right decisions is only as good as the data driving those decisions. Since past performance is highly indicative of future risk, Kredit Reports provide the detailed insight you need to make wise decisions as you acquire customers.

Get online access to the most up-to-date and accurate business information

KreditOnline has established Experian as the leading provider of business-based credit information in South Africa. This service provides subscribers with access to credit information in a fast and cost-effective manner.

Reduce costs in debit order payment processing

The key to a successful and streamlined customer acquisition and management process is to ensure that the bank account details provided by your customer are correct.  You can only achieve this by validating bank details at point of application.

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