Collection and Debt Management

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Collection and Debt Management

Increasingly challenging market conditions have put entire industries under pressure to improve recovery rates and maximise profitability. As the macroeconomic environment continues to change, portfolios are coming under stress and delinquency levels continue to increase. We can help you to maximise the performance of your portfolio within this current climate.


Collection and Debt Management - Products and Services


Tallyman is the sophisticated software system that is at the heart of the Decision Analytics debt management solution from Experian. The system streamlines the collections process, reduces bad debt write-offs, improves cash flow, reduces provisioning and cures more customers, which improves customer relationships and facilitates future selling opportunities.

Complete portfolio intelligence from a single source

In a climate of growing concern about the ability of highly-indebted consumers to meet their current credit commitments, it is increasingly important to ensure that your collections and recoveries process is effective. Customer Collect is an all-in-one batch tool that offers easy access to credit-based scoring, consumer credit history information and analytical tools to provide early detection of non-payment and to substantially improve recovery efforts.

Respond timeously to changes in your customer's financial circumstances

Experian’s Customer Risk Triggers alert lenders to changes in their customers’ financial circumstances, allowing them to react instantly. This enables them to minimise exposure to bad debt and manage their customers responsibly.

online access to an early warning system

KreditXchange provides subscribers with access to a convenient, virtual meeting place where credit professionals can share information on suppliers and debtors among peers in the credit community in real-time.

Scoring and Analytics

Experian Decision Analytics combines expertise with consultancy and analytical services to create solutions across the customer life cycle. Our approach to analytics is not just to build scorecards but to capture real business benefits.


Experian Decision Analytics consultants have built an in-depth expertise in serving major organisations around the globe, helping them significantly increase profitability.

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