Portfolio Management

Portfolio Management

If you need to understand your total risk exposure and customer value within your current portfolio. Through detailed analysis, we can show you not only where your most profitable customers are, but also how to find more of them.


Portfolio Management - Products and Services

Maximising the value of your customer base

Experian Batch is a rapid and flexible solution for the processing of high volumes of consumer information that assists credit grantors in making informed decisions at all stages of the customer life cycle.

Customer Risk Triggers

Customer Risk Triggers is a solution that empowers organisations to manage their customer relationships better through timely knowledge of significant credit-related events in the customer’s life that you would otherwise be unaware of.

Gain insight into the behaviour of millions of South African consumers

Experian, in partnership with P-Cubed, is able to offer an end-to-end customer growth solution that makes use of the largest external credit and marketing database in South Africa. 

Building and managing successful relationships

Effective Collections and Recoveries starts before the customer even becomes delinquent. Through the effective use of data, triggers and segmentation, organisations can gain a picture of where customers are becoming over-indebted and may struggle to meet their commitments. This means you can take immediate, pre-emptive action.

Understand your customer's credit and risk issues

KISS, an Experian Business Information solution, provides clients with a monitoring facility designed to draw attention to changes in payment trends and enhances the service provided by KreditUpdate.  KreditUpdate is an electronic service that monitors existing debtors’ activity which may change the nature of the relationship between supplier and debtor.

Keep debtors' credit information up to date

KreditMatch matches your debtors’ information with Experian’s business data and picks up discrepancies between customer debtor information and Experian’s information.

Monitor your business customer's credit and risk changes

KreditUpdate, an Experian Business Information solution, is an electronic service that monitors existing debtors’ activity which may change the nature of the relationship between supplier and debtor.

Query your sales ledgers from multiple sites at the touch of a button

Do you control, maintain, understand and report on single or multiple ledgers across an entire organisational structure? Then, a single snapshot solution will help you see the full picture.

Property Valuation Reports

Property valuation reports from Experian enable you to understand and analyse your current customer base better and can even help you determine a target customer base.

Online access to most up-to-date credit information

Supplying credit managers with the most up-to-date business information, KreditGazette Online allows for the monitoring of debtors in an extremely cost-effective manner.   All public record information is published daily, as it becomes available.

Proactively manage your existing customers

Delphi for Customer Management (DCM) is a suite of highly predictive generic bureau-based behavioural scorecards that provides users in all credit lending environments with regularly updated information on existing customers.

Convenience when dealing with day-to-day legal issues

KreditDocs is a library of business documents and letters which were prepared by a panel of legal professionals.

Well managaged contact data

With Customer Contact you can improve the quality of your customer data by leveraging Experian’s wealth of consumer contact and verification information relating to more than 30 million consumers.

Understand level of overall risk

Risk Audit Plus provides you with an invaluable snapshot view of the credit risks and credit opportunities in your business’ customer base. Identifying credit risk and credit opportunities in your business helps you to identify, manage and reduce risk.

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