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Automated ID verification to enhance your customer acceptance process

The risk of identity fraud is increasing, and is now one of the fastest growing forms of fraud and one of the easiest to perpetrate. At the same time, a more and more international customer base with the expectation of 24/7 service availability can be seen. This and an ever growing web savvy population means that slow ID and anti-fraud checks that interrupt the customer journey will not be tolerated.

AutoDoc-ID, Experian’s global customer acceptance tool allows you to quickly authenticate ID documents from around the world ensuring that they are genuine, valid documents. This automated ID verification service can help you to establish a risk based approach, balancing modern customer expectations with compliance and anti-fraud measures appropriate to the level of risk in your business.

How does it work?

• Your customers submit proof of identity documents either in person, or online by taking a picture of their documents

• Our Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology extracts and verifies all the key information contained in the document

• Depending on the level of risk our solution runs a Basic, Basic Plus or Full scan and produces an easy for interpretion document report

What can be verified?

• Passports

• National ID cards

• Driving licences

• Residence/Working visas

Why use AutoDoc-ID?

• An easy way to welcome global customers quickly from 213 countries

• Take on customers from countries who have little or no credit footprint or identity data

• Remove the need for manual document checking

• Enhance customer acceptance process

• No specialist hardware required

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