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Today’s world of enterprise risk and fraud management is more complex than ever. The growth in e-commerce and mobile commerce, and the increase in cross-border transactions mean that organisations need to authenticate customers and understand with whom they are doing business. Companies are faced with rapidly evolving fraud techniques, economic uncertainty, increasing regulatory requirements and resource limitations.

We provide you with the transparency and insight to respond to today’s challenges and find the right balance between effective fraud prevention whilst maintaining a high customer experience. Our combination of fraud expertise, unique data, and advanced analytics and technology provide you with the tools you need to build trusted relationships with legitimate customers.

Application Fraud Prevention

The most effective strategy is to prevent the fraud at the point of application. This requires the detection of potentially fraudulent applications before the customer is accepted, without adversely affecting your customer service level and speed of decisioning.

Advanced device authentication

We offer you a powerful service that instantly and accurately identifies every device that touches your network and takes an in-depth look at not only the device but also its history when used online, creating a reputation score. Identify device anomalies, expose fraud rings and geolocate customers.

Identity verification

We empower you to proactively manage risk with accurate information about an individual’s identity, to identify new credible customers, protect existing customers and meet regulatory obligations. Our global customer acceptance tool allows you to quickly verify ID documents from around the world ensuring that they are genuine, valid documents.

Fraud Consulting

Our specialised fraud consultants work with your team to develop fraud prevention strategies that deliver immediate results and provide a solid foundation for building sustainable value over time. They understand your unique business challenges and can provide practical guidance, whether you need a quick fix to a pressing problem or a full evaluation of your fraud prevention programme.

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