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Learning can be incremental, or it can be instantaneous! Whether you want to upskill yourself or your employees through short modular learning quickly, or are looking for longer-term accredited training, the Experian Business Skills Institute has the courses and learning methods you want.

About Experian Business Skills Institute

Experian’s Business Skills Institute, or BSI, helps our learners and clients move their futures forward through the education, training and development of their most valuable assets - their knowledge and careers.

BSI was developed from the need for a training provider for professionals and companies in Africa and beyond.

Our training institute comprises of professional staff who are specialised in training, learning methodology and business skills. BSI is a partner for smart and inquisitive individuals or companies wanting to instil confidence in their abilities, processes and service.

Additionally, we offer a collection of online courses and skills programmes on our online learning portal.

Our business skills training categories

Business and Entrepreneurship

Starting and making a success of a business requires a number of skills, download our brochure to find a course for you. 

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Leadership and Management

BSI has a range of courses to support your career as a leader and manager, download our brochure to find out which ones suit you.

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Credit and Banking

Credit and Banking is a complicated industry but BSI has courses to help you understand it better. Download our brochure to see which suit you.

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Debt Recovery

BSI offers a FASSET-accredited debt recovery learnership to give you the skills you need to be effective in your role. Download our brochure for more information.

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Legislation and Compliance

Most industries are highly regulated and knowledge of legislative and compliance procedures is integral which is why BSI offers legislation and compliance courses.

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Accounting and Finance

BSI presents several Institute of Certified Bookkeepers (ICB) accredited courses as well as short courses and skills programmes. Download our brochure for more information.

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Core Banking & Financial Services Learnership

If you're currently working in or wanting to work in the banking sector, the core banking and financial services learnership has the skill you need. For more information download the brochure.

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Micro-Finance Learnerships

Get the knowledge and skills required to work in the micro-finance industry through our accredited micro-lending and micro-finance learnerships.

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Generic Management Learnership

Our accredited management learnership enables learners to manage first-line managers in banking. Download our brochure to find our more.

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Online Learning Portal

Move your future forward with BSI's digital learning. Our online learning portal is a smart resource for inquisitive individuals or companies wanting to instil confidence in their employees, BSI helps all learners to be optimistic about their careers..

Visit the BSI online learning portal to find digital courses and skills programmes that suit your career needs.

BSI Online Courses

Our Training Approach

BSI offers students and professionals of all ages and companies of all sizes digital, blended and in-class skills training including qualifications, learnerships, skills programmes, short courses and workshops across a wide range of business skills topics to meet their career needs and move their futures forward.

Classroom-Based/Face-to-Face Instruction

For learners and clients that prefer face-to-face instruction, BSI provides traditional classroom-based training. This training delivery method encourages learners to engage with the learning material with minimum distractions, obtain and retain information that is important to the learning experience through cues from facilitators, and interact with fellow learners or colleagues by sharing stories, participating in lessons and developing interpersonal skills while in the classroom. 

Virtual Instructor-Led Training

Through Virtual Instructor-Led Training (VILT), BSI offers learners and clients a cost-effective digital face-to-face learning experience in a virtual or simulated environment where learners can join a live class from the comfort of their workplace or homes. In our virtual learning environment, learners can still actively participate in the training while interacting with the facilitator, their fellow learners or colleagues and doing group work. 

Blended learning

BSI provides learners and clients with the best of both worlds through blended learning. Learners first have the opportunity to study the course theory via our digital platform followed by in-class or virtual face-to-face interactive discussions and practical learning opportunities together with co-learners, colleagues and facilitators. All participants can benefit from the flexibility and accessibility of online learning while at the same time retaining opportunities for social and instructional interactions with fellow learners, colleagues and facilitators. 

Online courses

Our online courses provide our learners and clients with quick digital learning experiences focused on the knowledge and skills required to move their futures forward. These courses are available as accredited or non-accredited courses, can be taken at any time and are perfect for learners who want to improve their skills or refresh their knowledge. 

Skills Programmes

BSI offers various accredited skills programmes that provide our learners with credits towards achieving a full qualification registered on the National Qualifications Framework (NQF). These skills programmes focus on the knowledge, skills and abilities that learners require to succeed in their career and move their futures forward. Our skills programmes cover a wide range of focus areas in the fields of business, management and leadership as well as credit, banking, debt recovery and many more.


We offer a number of popular accredited learnerships to businesses in the credit environment, which includes learnerships in banking, micro-finance and debt recovery. We are also now offering other learnership programmes that are applicable to any type of business, such as generic management, accounting, office administration and small business financial management. Our learnerships are practical and are focused on equipping learners with the knowledge and skills to be successful in the workplace. 

Customised courses

We believe that a customised solution is often the most effective solution for business growth. We design and develop training solutions in line with your business requirements and spend time in your organisation to ensure that we understand your workplace environment, terminology and training philosophy. Our skills development specialists and facilitators will conduct an in-depth skills needs analysis and work with you to ensure that training is tailored to meet these requirements.

Moving your future forward through the power of knowledge

Experian Business Skills Institutes is a digital training and courses provider for learners, business professionals and companies for Africa and beyond.

Why choose us

Focus on quality information

Range of training delivery platforms

Qualified and expert training practitioners

Ability to deliver training nationally and abroad

Proven track record of results and experience

Where We Operate

We provide our skills training and development services across Africa. In-class training can be held at your offices, a suitable training venue or one of our own in-house training venues in Stellenbosch and Bryanston, South Africa.

Understanding the need for remote learning in Africa and beyond, we have also offer online courses and virtual classrooms.

Accreditations and Memberships

  • BANKSETA (557033): Our accreditation with BANKSETA enables us to deliver national qualifications and various registered skills programmes and short courses on Levels 2 to 5 on the NQF, for stakeholders in this sector. Our qualifications include the National Certificate in Microfinance Level 3 (23453); the Further Education and Training (FET) Certificate: Microfinance Level 4 (23433); the FET Certificate in Banking Level 4 (20185); National Certificate in Banking Level 5 (20186); and a National Certificate in Generic Management: Banking (59201:96100).
  • FASSET (A585000003): We are accredited for the FET Certificate: Debt Recovery (49021) on NQF Level 4.
  • SERVICES SETA (3974): Our Management Development Skills Programme is approved through the Services SETA.
  • QCTO (SDP/1228/17/00325): We are accredited for the Occupational Certificate: Compliance Officer (91671) on NQF Level 6.
  • Institute of Certified Bookkeepers (ICB) (300973): We have full accreditation with the ICB for qualification programmes in Accounting, Public Sector Accounting, Office Management, Small Business Financial Management, and Entrepreneurship.
  • The Institute of Credit Management (ICM): We have full accreditation with the ICM, which is a professional body providing the syllabi and curricula for all training institutions who present qualifications in credit management. Consequently, our accreditation allows us to deliver the ICM National Certificate in Credit Management (Parts 1-5).
  • The National Credit Regulator (NCR): We are one of the few training service providers approved by the NCR to provide debt counsellor training in South Africa. The NCR is responsible for the regulation of the South African credit industry, under the ambit of the National Credit Act (NCA) 34 of 2005.

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