Business and Entrepreneurship Skills

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Starting and making a success of a business requires a number of skills which include entrepreneurship, business management, financial management as well as human resources management, marketing, sales, communication and customer service. Our range of business skills courses equips learners with these skills and others that are needed to succeed in day-to-day business operations and to move businesses forward. 

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Business and Entrepreneurship Short Courses

Management Development Programme (MDP)

The principle of life-long learning serves as the foundation for any successful managerial career. This programme aims to equip junior and middle managers with the competence required to implement their organisations’ strategies.

An Introduction to Employment Relations

This course will enable you to understand the various stakeholder roles and the different employment-related policies and procedures, such as disciplinary and grievance procedures.

Basic Financial Analysis

Equip learners to better understand the changing factors influencing the role of the micro credit provider, specifically focusing on mathematical equations relating to inter­est rates and interest rate caps imposed by the NCA.

Fundamentals for Developing Managers

This skills programme will explain basic management activities and tasks, in addition to the main managerial functions that you will need to perform to run a successful business.

Introduction to Project Management

This highly practical introductory course pro­vides you with all the essential skills, tools, and techniques that you will need to support you in your project manage­ment role.

Coaching Excellence

Coaching is about creating the change that enhances performance and learning. Coaches emphasise new competencies, learning, and goal attainment. These are essential tools for any management or supervisory role in the workplace.