Financial Affluence Segmentation

Describing and locating your ideal customers to create profitable engagement

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Financial Affluence Segmentation Solutions

It’s not what you say; it’s who you say it to that counts.

With over 57 million citizens in South Africa, how does your company cut through the noise and speak to those that are potential customers? How do you know which products to offer to our diverse population? How do you determine whether they can afford your product? How do you make contact with the ideal potential customer?

Leveraging the strength of quality data and the power of analytics and machine learning, we’ve developed an innovative segmentation tool to help you achieve just that, quickly and at scale!

Our FAS Location tool allows you to target your market better by homing in on your ideal customer and where they live.

FAS & FAS Location

Segment and locate your ideal customers


Our Financial Affluence Segmentation tool is a smart and insightful option for companies wanting to confidently target populations to take up your product or engage with your services. By analysing consumer data, we used machine learning to segment the credit-active South African consumer population into 6 groups with certain characteristics.

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FAS Location

Experian’s FAS Location solution allows you to select your ideal segment based on their FAS profiles and/or area to get insights into the population at a more granular level. Understanding the distributions of your ideal customers in an area is a significant benefit for targeted advertising, marketing and sales strategies.

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