Using Data Analytics in Marketing

Marketing Solutions

Experian's marketing solutions help businesses target and engage their customers through smart marketing programs that generate significant return on investment. By focusing on three core areas of excellence – data, platforms and analytics – Experian provides the world's leading brands with the insight, technology and expertise they need to build profitable and lasting customer relationships.


Get a true view of your customers by cleaning, linking and enriching the data through the power of Experian


Profile, segment and target consumers based on their preferences, location and purchasing patterns


Qualify consumers via real time and deliver the right message to the right person when they are most receptive to it and in the most convenient channel


Analyse performance, monitor current engagement and direct growth initiatives

Understanding your customer's potential value

Organisations can create a single view of their customers which will assist with monitoring and managing all interactions, offers and campaigns

This allows clients to:

  • Run diagnostics around existing customer purchasing and engagement behaviour
  • Highlight areas within the business of greatest customer engagement vs areas of lowest engagement
  • Dashboard existing customers by their geo-demographic flags

Services offered:

  • Clean and Complete
  • Data Modelling
  • Create Single View

Profile, segment and target consumers

Clients can profile their high value customers and create targeted acquisition and retainer strategies to grow their consumer base and increase loyalty

This allows clients to:

  • Consumer Profile: Define who and where its "best" customers are based on existing customer data
  • Mosaic: Develop and hone communication and engagement plans based on targeted consumer demographic psychographic and location profile
  • Prospect Targeting: Determine areas with significant clusters of high value customers
  • Calculate potential size of the market

Services offered:

  • Mosaic
  • Prospect Targeting
  • Consumer Profiling

Qualify consumers via real time and deliver the right message

Brands can qualify consumer acquisitions, match offers to customers/areas and optimise engagement performance based on campaign feedback

This allows clients to:

  • Acquire and qualify customers based on predefined requirements (income, propensity, score etc.)
  • Track customer based on their position on the consumer journey map
  • Optimise the campaign performance by qualifying responses in real time

Services offered:

  • Performance Optimisation
  • Customer Management
  • Customer Acquisition

Analyse performance, monitor current engagement and direct growth initiatives

Organisations can map key metrics and reduce costs by testing various scenarios prior to execution.

This allows clients to:

  • Profile and manage areas based on consumer propensity or predefined key metrics
  • Determine best case options for planning and execution based on ROI
  • Build optimum engagement mix per targeted consumer segment

Services offered:

  • Consumer Behaviour
  • Predictive and Prescriptive
  • Location based Analytics

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