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Experian South Africa offers a unique combination of data, analytics and software that turns data into valuable insight.

For the Individual

Credit advice for you as a consumer.

Applying for credit can be stressful. You want a car, but can you get a loan? Who decides? And more importantly, what do they base their decision on?

Business Services

A holistic view on Credit Management Solutions.

By combining unique information tools and deep understanding of individuals markets and economies, Experian strengthens your customer relationships and provides your businesses with competitive advantage.


Experian empowers clients and consumers.

Experian believes in the education of both the consumer and the credit industry by sharing our considerable resource of knowledge in the form of regular articles and publications.

Consumer Services

Find out how you can make better-informed decisions when applying for credit.

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About Experian

Experian is a global leader in providing information solutions to organisations and consumers. We combine the power of our comprehensive credit history database, scoring expertise and sophisticated software to deliver a truly holistic solutions to the South African credit granting industry.