Advanced Data Analytics Platform

Experian Ascend

Find unique insights that put you ahead.

Create unique insight that you can act on in real-time, using our dynamic analytics services and the best of yours and Experian’s data assets.

Work with a trusted partner that can help you find new ways to serve your customers.

We help you achieve:

  • Faster time to market and response to market needs
  • Access the latest analytics techniques through our services data
  • Reduced risk
  • Upskilling of your own analytics teams

How we do it

  • Intelligent analytical environment and modelling tools – including the application of artificial intelligence and machine learning – let you test the impact of business scenarios before rolling them out.
  • Combine your own and external data with Experian’s data to co-create unique, business-changing insight.
  • Our data scientists and analytics consultants are at your disposal to support your in-house teams and get the most value from your insights.

Introducing Experian Ascend:

Experian Ascend is a powerful, secure, on demand analytics environment which allows you to anticipate and evaluate critical business decisions faster, and with better insight than ever before. It offers a full representation of Experian’s leading consumer bureau base with a range of alternative data sources, including your own, with plans to include commercial data soon. By equipping yourself with the analytics tools of the future within Experian Ascend, you can build a range of benchmarking, scorecard and customer management analysis on the platform in real time, before presenting them in many interactive formats designed for presentation in the boardroom.

Experian Ascend is an integral part of a suite of market leading Experian innovations, all of which will accelerate the ability of businesses in South Africa to harness the full potential of big data.

Ascend Analytics on Demand

Uncover unique insights and unlock the right opportunities to drive your business forward.

Accessing advanced analytics for better insights

Our research has revealed that many organisations are struggling to extract the full potential of the data available to them despite the variety of advanced analytics techniques available. We believe that analytics needs to be much easier for businesses to access, and that you shouldn’t have to be a data scientist to benefit. At Experian, we can provide the tools and expertise you need to discover the opportunities for your business.

Our pioneering combination of data, technology and analytics helps businesses unlock insights and take decisive actions in the moments that matter. Bringing unique scale, speed and intelligence that deliver the best results for both businesses and their customers.

29% of organisations successfully combine data sources to gather more insights

40% of businesses still rely on instinct and subjectivity when making decisions.

78% of organisations have made investments in advanced analytics.

Credit Market and Portfolio Insight

Understand latest trends in the consumer credit market and benchmark your portfolio to help improve overall performance.

Increased competition coupled with economic and market changes make it difficult to understand whether the shifts you are seeing in your credit portfolios are a result of external factors or the impact of past strategies.

Identifying future changes to improve performance is crucial to developing sound and relevant strategies to support sustainable growth. Market and portfolio insight gives you the context and quantitative analysis to support decisions about changes in strategy and operational planning.

Market Opportunity

Do you know where your next opportunity is going to come from?

How can you cost-effectively generate more from your existing customer base, increasing profit while reducing risk?

We help you develop a market-winning strategy underpinned by effective and targeted activities to pave the way for on-going growth. Thanks to our unrivalled data assets, applied insight and analytics, we ensure you fully understand the breadth and depth of opportunities.

For new entrants into a market we provide a clear understanding of the lending climate, demand for products and the potential revenues and losses, for your specific lending terms and risk appetite. With an established portfolio we profile the needs of your customers, to input into the design of new products, reviewing lending policies and looking for new areas of growth.

How does it work?

We provide quantitative analysis on the demand for the particular type of credit in question and combining this with your particular risk appetite and lending policy provide a view of potential new lending. Based on the customer profile of those likely to take the product, we look at how they are likely to use the facility and provide insight to tailor the product to specific customer needs.

Portfolio Benchmarking

Opportunities and risks. Comparing your business against the South African market or key competitor set can help improve the performance of your business

We benchmark your portfolio’s position to the rest of the SA market or a group of your peers.

Key issues are identified and explored with experienced consultants, interpreting the drivers behind market trends and highlighting potential impacts.

Each portfolio is evaluated using several measures, from applications for credit and new business market share and lending terms, through customer management and collections to write-off and attrition.

Find out how we can help your business thrive