Analytics and Decisioning Platform

Experian Ascend

Better decisions, powerful insight and faster decision making – now accessible to all

In the new customer era the experience customers receive and the speed at which they receive it is key to business success. Experian SmartEvaluate combines Experian’s world class Data, Software, Analytics and Consultancy capabilities in one service to allow organizations to on board customers rapidly and affordably by providing access to immediate and accurate credit recommendations for business and consumer lending decisions.

We know that the amount of resource required for a typical analytics project is vast. From the identification and access of the data sources at the start through to extracting insight and presenting it in a business-friendly format – time, money and analytical expertise are key for a successful project. This, alongside the sophisticated technical estate required to support your projects, means it can become a balancing act between the quality and quantity of your projects. But what if you could increase the quality and quantity whilst keeping costs under control and access meaningful insight in seconds?

Experian Ascend Analytics on Demand is a powerful and secure analytics platform that gives you access to Experian’s leading consumer bureau and a range of alternative data sources, including your own, on demand.

By equipping yourself with the analytics tools of the future within Experian Ascend, you can build a range of benchmarking, scorecard and customer management analysis on the platform in real time, before presenting them in many interactive formats designed for presentation in the boardroom.

Experian Ascend enables you to:

  • Gain new market insights
  • Assess strategies more effectively
  • Manage risk
  • Develop improved customer relationships

How can Experian Ascend benefit your organisation?

  • Access an anonymised version of South Africa’s largest consumer credit bureau, alternative and marketing data which is updated monthly so you can make decisions relevant for today’s market.
  • A hosted environment means that we take all the hassle of data management away from you – allowing you to focus your analytics teams where it matters most.
  • Reduce the time it takes to present your analysis. Extract insight into easily understandable formats for all levels of your organization
  • Flexible support. Analytics consultancy and support comes as standard with all our licenses – we work in partnership with you to deliver valuable insight.

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