Single Customer View

For The Financial Sector

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Experian helps you build the most complete, accurate, consistent and holistic Single Customer View available today.

Learn more about the benefits of creating a single customer view in your organisation and the 4 steps we take to help you achieve it.

How could you benefit from an SCV?

Customer Experience

Deeper customer insights to improve communications and build trust and loyalty

Operational Efficiency

Save time, money and empower your organisation to take advantage of new opportunities

Fraud identification and decisioning

Know who your customers are so you can protect them throughout their journey with you

Regulatory Compliance

Have a single view of each customer for compliance with key regulations

83% of organisations see data as an integral part of forming a business strategy

Source - 2018 Global Data Management Research - Experian

4 stages to achieving your Single Customer View

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Our approach focuses on the data and provides a methodology that will consolidate, clean, fix, link, harmonise, and enrich with additional customer insights across all data assets within a business.

The 4 stages are:

Investigate - Extract data from systems across your organisation, consolidate it, and assess its accuracy and completeness as the first step to cleansing and validating.

Assess - Consolidate and profile the data so you can assess potential strengths and weaknesses within it, in the context of business priorities.

Improve - Bring consistency to the way your data is formatted, ensure your customer data is accurate, and fill the gaps using our unique range of reference data including location and socio-demographic data sets.

Control - Compare records, identify and harmonise duplicates, create a golden nominal and give each individual a unique identification number and ensure you can maintain an up-to-date and accurate view over time.

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