Reduce unnecessary fraud referrals & detect attempted fraud

with Fraud Strategy Optimisation

Customers expect instant decisions and a quick, easy application process when applying for credit.  With attempted fraud increasing* you need to ensure your fraud referral process does not slow down the experience for your customers at the same time as minimising your business risk.

What are the benefits?

  • Applicants with no risk of fraud get a quick automated decision resulting in a positive customer experience
  • Referrals reduced by over 30%**
  • Easy to understand fraud referral strategy providing an accurate view of high risk cases
  • Minimal number of cases that an underwriter needs to look at to identify fraud
  • Easy implementation using any application processing system
  • Retro capability allows for true simulation and reduced risk of change

How does it work?

We have developed an algorithmic model for identifying the best characteristics to identify fraudsters. By looking at interactions and correlation, the optimal combination of characteristics can be selected to create a group of high risk referrals.

*CIFAS Fraud Scape 2016

**Based on Experian client case study (2016)

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