Bureau Analytics Services

Create a clear view of risk and customer well-being

Bureau analytics and affordability

Our Credit Bureau scores summarise complex and diverse bureau data to create a clear view of risk and customer well-being helping you make the best decisions for your customers and your business.

We’ll help you get to know your customers, so you can give them exactly the help they need. With Experian’s credit risk data and models, you’ll know which products are right for them.

We use complex analytics to create intelligent data models and predictive scorecards. It enables us to match affordability, personal, credit, transaction and property data. Plus, our vast data sources are constantly evolving because we’re always looking for innovative ways to give you better understanding of credit risk.

We’ll help you guide people to the right product for them based on a deeper understanding of their financial position.

Our data and insight can help you make confident decisions, so you can assess affordability quickly and easily.

Understanding an individual consumer’s ability to afford your products or services is essential when it comes to finding the right product for the right person. Our data and services can help you to make confident decisions by allowing you to quickly and easily assess an individual’s affordability throughout your relationship with them.

What are the benefits?

  • Data access - delivering bureau data and account transactional data using secure API's, giving you a holistic view of a person's ability to afford credit.
  • Data aggregation - Verdus, our data aggregation platform, brings together and manages the data exchange between lenders and banks. Removing the pain away from your business.
  • Data analysis - Trusso, our automated categorisation engine, takes raw data and in real time splits into income and expenditure categories. Making it easier for you to consume into your processes.
  • Data supply – Using secure API’s the data is supplied to the lender. Enabling you to offer a seamless personalised customer experience.

How we can help your business:

  • Income verification - using current account information to identify an individual income.
  • Income estimation - gives an understanding of customer's income and monitors and changes in financial circumstances on an on-going basis. #Debt to income ratios - understand a customer's outstanding debt profile in relation to their income.
  • Monthly disposable income - assess each customer's monthly affordability situation and ability to pay.

Our approach to affordability - powered by Open Banking

As an accredited FCA supplier of solutions and an Account Information Service Provider (AISP), we know that assessing someone’s ability to afford credit through verifying their income and how they use their money shouldn’t be a one size fits all process. Our Affordability Check solution offers the ability to use both our bureau data and the statement data that Open Banking and the Payment Services Directive 2 (PSD2) has made available.  Enabling you to offer relevant, fair and flexible processes that are personalised to an individual.

Experian’s Affordability Check solution uses the wealth of data that Open Banking has made available. Bringing together all the components required to make a streamlined efficient credit on boarding process.

Affordability Check uses extensive data to perform checks across the credit lifecycle and gives you indicators you can use to understand what customers can and can't afford.

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