Customer Risk Rating Model

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Customer Risk Triggers is a solution that empowers organisations to manage their customer relationships better through timely knowledge of significant credit-related events in the customer’s life that you would otherwise be unaware of.

Experian does this by monitoring your existing customers for key events and delivering pro-active, event-driven triggers of your customer’s credit activity, enabling you to respond to their individual needs and circumstances.

Through this knowledge, you can implement strategies that will drive different actions with your customer, ultimately improving customer loyalty and profitability through the extensions of new and additional credit lines, or reducing bad debt through pro-active collection strategies that mean early rehabilitation, or debt recovery.

Key features


Maximise your profitability by responding to your customer’s credit activity and offering additional products that meet their needs. Your targeted strategies can lead to increased take-up while maintaining acceptable bad debt levels.

Reduce Churn

You can reduce churn through pro-active management of your profitable customers, by reacting to their needs, and offering them the right product, at the right time.


Re-assess credit extension and collection strategies.

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