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Business Information

Make more effective, fact-based decisions about other businesses, so you can work better together and thrive.

Why Experian Business Information?

Our data, analytics and systems help B2B businesses of all sizes to work with the right businesses in the best way. By giving you a fast, accurate and up-to-date understanding local businesses, you can reduce the risks and costs of uncertainty.

Commercial Credit Risk Management

Access a powerful range of solutions which draw upon limited, non-limited, sole trader and PLC credit reports worldwide, to manage risk and run your business effectively.

Credit Decisioning – SmartEvaluate

Business Intelligence

Compliance, fraud and business research tools to help you with some of your biggest business challenges.

Commercial Credit Risk Management

Access a powerful range of solutions which draw upon limited, non-limited, sole trader and PLC credit reports worldwide, to manage risk and run your business effectively.

Not just a credit score. A wealth of data, combined to give you powerful insight into the businesses you currently, or want to work with.

Experian’s credit and trade risk products help you to make the right decisions, at every point of the customer lifecycle.

We access business and business owner data from multiple sources, to create the most complete view of businesses in South Africa.

Business Reports and Data

A credit report by Experian gives you invaluable insight into a business’ financial stability, so you can make faster and better risk decisions.

See the detail behind the credit score

  • Access business and director/owner credit reports
  • Instant access to key corporate information
  • Insightful, long-term view of a company’s performance through Commercial Delphi Credit Score trend information
  • Experian’s Commercial Trade Payment data is also available for insightful detail on how your customers pay other business.

Why use Experian credit reports?

  • Search businesses across the South Africa and Internationally
  • Established and trusted business data
  • Experian credit reports are available through KreditWeb

Do you need quick access to powerful global insight?

Manage risk and seek opportunities for growth using effective international credit reports

Taking the decision to trade abroad presents a number of challenges and barriers. Having sight of timely information will help you safeguard your business and ensure you make the right decisions. Experian's international credit reports give you deep insight into potential international business customers, suppliers and partners. For record purposes we can also supply international images.

Make informed decisions with reliable information

Experian's international reports are a powerful tool that enable you to gain a deeper understanding of your international customers' associated risk and their history through real time reporting. We use fresh data that comes directly from our Experian regional bureaus and international Credit Reference Agency partners for:

Company Profiles -A summarised snapshot of key elements associated with a business's identity, reducing potential fraud.

Risk Check - Offers a straightforward credit assessment to help assist with your regulatory requirements. With notifications and a payment performance score providing you with clear information you need to be aware of when trading internationally.

Small Report - Enables you to gain deeper understanding into your customers, suppliers and partners financial performance. Additionally providing the latest balance sheet, profit & loss and ratios for a well-rounded view of the business today.

Extended Report - Supplies 3 years of company, consolidated and group financials to help you identify trends in evaluating risk.

To help you make confident credit decisions, our most comprehensive international reports include:

A detailed 0 to 100 credit score

Ultimate parent company & owner

Analyst comments

Full public record history

Mortgages, Debentures and Property details

Freshly Investigated Reports

Experian’s International Freshly Investigated Reports offer extensive global coverage, providing the opportunity to expand your client portfolio with confidence. Our consistent reporting ensures you extend the most appropriate level of credit to international businesses according to your business’ risk appetite.

Regular Reports

Suited for small to medium credit decisions, the report offers a simple and robust credit risk rating, concisely showing you the current situation.

In-depth Reports

A fully comprehensive and extended formal report suitable for any size of credit decision, for evaluating the suitability of business relationships with key customers, suppliers or partners.

Insight into company payments

Understanding your ledger is the key to a deeper knowledge of your clients and their payment performance. This analysis may be lengthy and complex, the trends discovered within your business alone will be limited and incomplete information can leave you exposed to bad debt.

Through commercial data sharing, the Payment Performance Scheme can take your transactional data and provide an in-depth analysis of payment trends drawn from a huge range of contributors, giving you enhanced information to identify and react to risk.

How can the Payment Performance Scheme help you?
  • Get a deeper understanding of your ledger with shared experience and insight
  • Protect your business with responsive risk management strategies
  • Take appropriate action by knowing how your customers are paying other suppliers
  • Combine with data hygiene, an effective way to check and correct your business databases for accuracy and compliance
Share your ledger

Combine your ledger data with insight from multiple other ledger transactions processed by Experian every month.

Get valuable insight into business payment trends across South Africa based on the most up to date information.

See the bigger picture by utilising information on over 1 million reports with payment data.

Analysing your ledger

See the behaviour of your customers against the industry and the latest business payment trends.

Get a deeper understanding of your accounts and invoices using the experience of all Experian data contributors.

Get valuable feedback and in-depth analysis on your entire ledger in a detailed report tailored specifically to your business needs.

Customer management

Get a good overview of high risk accounts including Days Beyond Terms trend information, Commercial Delphi and outstanding balance.

Find out how we can help your business thrive

Commercial Delphi and risk scores

Predict business failure over the next 12 months.

All businesses are subject to change, so how can you know which customers will pay you, and will still be secure in the future?

You can manage potential business credit risk with Commercial Delphi scorecards, using an in-depth credit score system to predict the continuing stability of your customers.

Commercial Delphi is one of the market leading business credit scores that uses an intelligent rating system to accurately predict business credit risks and failure within the next 12 months. It combines multiple scorecards, using a mixture of different variables depending on the size of the business.

How can Commercial Delphi scorecards help you?

  • Make the best credit decision at the point of customer application – calculated in real time, delivered through a variety of online systems
  • Predict the financial health of customers for the next 12 months
  • Take a consistent view of which of your customers are likely to fail
  • Strengthen your risk strategies with a deeper understanding of your customers
  • Maximise marketing resource and ROI by ensuring efforts aren’t spent on unsuitable new customers

What Commercial Delphi scorecards contain:

A blend of data

  • A blend of integrated consumer and business information
  • Unique business credit risk score incorporating directors’ commercial track record, directors, consumer track record, financial trend information and payment performance

Risk scoring

  •  View credit ratings and credit scores with our view of credit that could reasonably be offered
  • Integrated risk score that combines size and age of business, industry sectors, geographical region and the consumer score of the people behind the business
  • View adverse information including CCJs, bankruptcies, director track record, payment information and financial trend analysis

Risk asessment

  • See the risk of business failure within the next 12 months
  • Accurately predict business closures, dissolution and cash flow problems