Customer Management Scorecard

Delphi for Customer Management

Need to stay ahead by offering your existing customers the most appropriate products and services for their individual needs? Our scorecard can help.

Understand your customer’s financial status

Experian’s Delphi for Customer Management Scorecard can help you to better understand your customer’s financial status, at any time. Life can be full of twists and turns, and financial situations may change for the better or worse. With Delphi for Customer Management you can have access to extensive data that helps you to understand how your customer’s financial health is faring.

Understanding the credit health of your customers using Delphi for Customer Management is advantageous to any credit provider who wishes to nurture long term and responsible relationships.

Delphi for Customer Management is delivered in batch data which can be easily integrated into your in-house systems and solutions.

Benefits of Experian’s Delphi Customer Management scorecard:

  • Helps you to understand what products and services a particular customer might benefit from
  • Allows you to identify and help customers who may be getting into financial difficulty
  • Helps you to make proactive decisions on individual credit limit use

Delphi for New Business

Our Scorecard is designed specifically to support confident and responsible decision making in the application process.

Helping you to make credit decisions with less risk and more speed

People expect credit providers to know their stuff when it comes to offering the right products and services to their customers. At Experian we can help you to collect and interpret the wealth of complex data now available using our Delphi for New Business Scorecard. Subsequently as a business, you can start to make those confident makes or break lending decisions, instilling trust and building transparent relationships with the right customers.

Find out how we can help your business thrive

Benefits of Delphi for New Business

  • Takes changes in risk trends into account
  • Bigger picture data helps you to make better informed decisions about the products and services you offer to individual customers
  • Looks at each data set individually so that it is treated in a way that is optimal to the type of credit being applied for
  • Provides more accurate scoring
  • Makes quicker, more automated decisions

How does Delphi for New Business Work?

Our Delphi for New Business scorecard can help you, as a reputable credit provider, to understand new customer credit health and predict how likely your customers are to maintain a credit agreement. We pull data from a multitude of sources, which means that you can make your credit risk decisions with less risk and more speed. The Delphi for New Business scorecard integrates into your systems via an Application Programming Interface (API), using common XML language.

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