Automatic Credit Risk Assessment

Experian SmartEvaluate

Onboard customers rapidly, easily and affordably

In the new customer era the experience customers receive and the speed at which they receive it is key to business success. Experian SmartEvaluate combines Experian’s world class Data, Software, Analytics and Consultancy capabilities in one service to allow organizations to on board customers rapidly and affordably by providing access to immediate and accurate credit recommendations for business and consumer lending decisions.

What does it do?

Experian SmartEvaluate is a fully automated service which is accessed through an Experian hosted website or integrated through a third party front end and allows organizations to automatically:

  • Capture application data from business or consumer customers
  • Connect automatically to the Experian Bureau
  • Recommend a decision based in embedded scores and policy rules
  • Manage referrals in the workflow management tool for underwriting purposes

Core benefits

  • Rapid Application processing
  • Reduced processing and underwriting costs
  • Reduction in bad debt and increase in acceptance rate
  • Enhanced customer experience
  • Flexible pricing models
  • Minimal IT expertise and complexity required

How it can be accessed

Omni- Channel access, Experian SmartEvaluate can be accessed via web portal through a number of devices:

  • PC
  • Laptop
  • Smartphone
  • Tablet
  • API integration

To find out how Experian SmartEvaluate could help your business and how your existing process could be improved, use our new online Return on Investment (ROI) tool.

Relying on manual on boarding processes can pose a number of challenges in an age where customers are digitally savvy, always on and demand a fast and seamless experience. It can be time consuming and frustrate customers. Manual on-boarding can also be ineffective in terms of cost and profit – customers are on boarded slower meaning it takes longer to make them profitable. 

Furthermore, organizations might be reliant on limited data and analytics due to budgetary constraints and the inability to implement large, complex IT solutions meaning reliance on limited and incomplete customer data to make important customer decisions. Experian SmartEvaluate helps overcome these challenges.

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