Credit Optimisation Solutions

Optimise the performance of your business by determining the best decision, offer, action, price or message for each individual customer.

Increased competition coupled with economic and market changes make it difficult to understand whether the shifts you are seeing in your credit portfolios are a result of external factors or the impact of past strategies.

Identifying future changes to improve performance is crucial to developing sound and relevant strategies to support sustainable growth. Market and portfolio insight gives you the context and quantitative analysis to support decisions about changes in strategy and operational planning.

Optimisation Products and Solutions

Marketswitch Optimisation

A simple solution to what has previously been a highly complex challenge; maximising the benefit from every customer interaction by determining the best offer, action or message for each individual customer.

Strategy Tree Optimisation

Customised, analytically-driven strategy trees to maximise business objectives within organisational constraints and regulatory requirements.

Debt Management Strategy

Optimally allocate debt across internal resources and external third party agencies.

Manage Credit Limits

Optimally assign initial credit limits or changes to credit limits for each individual customer.

Collections Strategy Optimisation

Optimally allocate customers to the best path, treatment or strategy in order to maximise the performance of the collections operation and help support your customers.

Customer Contact Strategy

Optimally allocate customers to the best contact, channel or offer in order to maximise the performance of sales and marketing activity and provide the customer with the product they want.

Dialler Optimisation for Collections

Optimally allocate dialler capacity and resource to accounts in order to maximise the efficiency and effectiveness of your dialler operation.

Fraud Strategy Optimisation

Reduce the number of customers being impacted by unnecessary fraud referrals and increase the detection of attempted fraud.

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