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Experian PowerCurve

What is the PowerCurve platform?

The PowerCurve platform helps you to make better customer decisions even when operating in a dynamic business environment. It’s a unified, component-based platform for strategy design and execution, enriched with capabilities for credit risk decisioning.

Better decisions for a better customer journey

The relationship between a company and its customers is more than just a series of discrete, one-off activities. Collectively they represent what is often referred to as the customer journey.

The customer journey provides an opportunity for a positive experience but for many organisations this has become increasingly complex. Fast changing regulatory policies, more demanding customers, and dynamic market conditions have become a major strain on companies and significantly impact how they deal with their customers.

A key to managing this complexity and providing an optimal customer journey often hinges on the decisions an organisation makes about their customers. These decisions can greatly impact the key metrics that are most important to a company like new customer acquisition, share of wallet, or exposure to risk, to name a few.

PowerCurve Collections

Increase recoveries through relevant, targeted collections actions, reduce costs through improved automation of decisions and best practice collection techniques and maximise profit by increasing the recovery of cash collected. 

PowerCurve Customer Management

Design differentiated customer strategies, proactively manage portfolio risk and regulatory compliance and monitor, report and improve continuously for better decisions.

PowerCurve Originations

Measure the value of potential customers, allocate resources to target high quality prospects and evaluate risk prior to accepting customers. 

PowerCurve Strategy Management

Rapidly integrate data and analytics in to your decisioning processes.

Accelerate pre-production tests and monitor performance and proactively identify opportunities.

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