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Our first intelligent plug and play platform for fraud and identity services

Would an open platform that can manage your identity and fraud systems help you to quickly adapt to new threats and challenges? If you could manage your different identity checking and fraud prevention tools with the same workflows and with better decisioning, could you prevent more fraud and offer your customers a better experience?

CrossCore has been designed to help you with the ever-changing, complex and challenging world of fraud prevention. This open platform will enable you to readily add solutions from us, other providers - even your own solutions — so that you can connect, access and orchestrate decisions across multiple systems.

Who can benefit from CrossCore?

CrossCore is suitable for all companies that want to reduce complexity and costs in identity and fraud management while improving fraud detection, increasing efficiency and offering a smooth customer journey.

CrossCore helps you:

  • Get a single point of entry for all of your fraud and identity solutions to protect you and your customers, now and in the future
  • React quickly to new threats and integrate new solutions that keep you one step ahead of fraudsters and avoid losses
  • To make your customer journey smooth in terms of identity verification and fraud prevention, thereby improving the customer experience and increasing customer loyalty

Key features:

  • Advanced analytics and machine learning models that increase trust in every customer interaction
  • Industry-leading applications for identity verification, device intelligence, document verification, behavioral biometrics, and alternative identity data
  • Flexible, configurable workflows to respond to a dynamic fraud environment
  • Dashboards for trend analysis and performance tracking
  • Holistic use of machine learning in all individual decision-making processes to increase accuracy
  • Cloud architecture that enables fast, scalable performance

Partner integrations

Email Risk Scoring and  Document Verification are now available through CrossCore, helping you confirm your customers identities.

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