Decision Tree Analysis Software

Bespoke strategy trees to maximise business objectives within organisational constraints

Strategy Tree Optimisation offers a simple solution to maximising business goals. It produces optimal solutions while simultaneously considering policies, operational constraints and regulatory requirements. Rapid deployment can be achieved as trees are designed for use in the existing decision engine.

Strategy Tree Optimisation is a strategic decisioning tool that uses a unique, patented mathematical process to help business users design trees that maximise value across the entire consumer credit cycle and all portfolios; from prospecting through to recoveries, including originations, customer management and collections.

Strategy Tree Optimisation software can be licensed, enabling the full benefits and flexibility of optimisation to be realised. This allows the business user to apply optimisation across their organisation and constantly update scenarios to reflect the latest business objectives, market conditions and customer portfolio.

Key Benefits

  • Maximises the impact of decision strategies – supports customer-level decisions using industry leading, patented mathematical optimisation technology
  • Rapid time to value – new trees exported in a standard format for rapid implementation
  • Integration with existing infrastructure – trees can be designed around existing decisioning structure and logistical limitations. Precise, highly configurable strategy planning with faster results
  • Interactive “what-if” simulation – improves business planning and forecasting by determining the most profitable decision strategies
  • Multi-goal analysis – allows quick evaluation of the trade-offs between different metrics such as profit versus bad debt, probability of default or loss given default
  • Comprehensive visualisation – simplifies the decision process and supports internal justification for changing strategies, leading to faster actions.
  • Rapid results, high gains – a single analytical project, akin to a scorecard development, with the aim of delivering a deployable optimised strategy, with low resource requirements from the client
  • Leverage optimisation expertise – Experian’s team of consultants have extensive experience of implementing optimisation projects across the credit lifecycle, over the full breadth of the credit industry
  • A consulting relationship – the strategy would be developed in a consultative approach, with regular ongoing reviews of the deployed strategy

Product Features

  • Highly configurable and flexible application - aligns decision strategies with business goals and practices
  • User-definable actions – such as accept / reject / refer, limit setting, letter / phone, price point
  • User-definable goals – e.g minimise bad debt, maximise profit, minimise roll rates
  • User-definable constraints – e.g. acceptable bad debt value, available underwriting capacity, accepatable exposure at portfolio and node level
  • Intuitive graphical user interface – allows business managers and analysts to rapidly produce optimised trees in a graphical environment. New optimised trees are easily created allowing the business to rapidly adjust to changes in resources or modified plans
  • Trees are easily implemented – the tree is optimised offline, and implemented in the existing decisioning environment
  • Highly scalable – proven to operate in the most demanding environments

How it works

Strategy Tree Optimisation enhances the effectiveness of decision strategies, allowing a business to get more from the existing resources. It can be used independently or combined with other Experian products and services to generate the highest return for the business:

Strategy Management - solutions for originations, customer management and collections, in markets such as unsecured lending, telecommunications, retail and utilities

Optimisation Consulting - our experts provide best-practice risk optimisation roadmaps, design and implementation services

Advanced Analytics - data intelligence, analysis and custom model development

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