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Turn customer and market data into actionable insight to help shape your future business strategy

We all have access to ever increasing amounts of data, but it can only help you meet your business objectives if you can turn it into meaningful insight. Our analytics experts can help you to extract, interpret, segment, benchmark and model your data to create scorecards, propensity models, customer profiles and much more.  Helping you to improve the performance of both your marketing and credit risk strategies by making more informed decisions for your customers and your business.

Data and models

Access vast data sources, scorecards and models to understand consumer credit risk, opportunities and customer needs.


Gain more understanding of credit risk today, tomorrow and in the future by turning data into valuable business insights.

Software and tools

Take decision making up a level with Experian’s software and tools, giving you the ability to assess automate, monitor and optimise decisions and strategies.


Unlock your business’ potential with expert advice and support through strategy design, implementation and as your business develops.

Turn information into insight and insight into action, helping you make the right decisions for customers across the customer lifecycle

Data is at the heart of everything. It provides the raw understanding that fuels decisions. But, it is what you do with it and where it takes you that counts. We combine advanced tools and techniques with expertise in credit risk to help you bring data to life and turn it from information into insight throughout the customer lifecycle.

Credit Scorecards and Custom Analytics

Our customised analytical solutions help you to have a greater understanding of your individual customers’ needs, behaviours and financial wellbeing. Extensive experience in risk analytics means that we can help with solutions throughout the customer lifecycle.

Bureau Analytics

Our Credit Bureau scores summarise complex and diverse bureau data to create a clear view of risk and cutomer well-being helping you make the best decisions for your customers and your business.

Identity and Fraud

With attempted fraud increasing it is essential to ensure that effective fraud referral processes are in place that both minimise business risk and have minimal adverse impact on the customer experience.

Commercial Delphi Scorecards

Accurately predict business credit risks and failure within the next 12 months.

Consultancy Services - What can it do for me?

Consulting enables the business potential of Decision Analytics and sits at the heart of every proposition created for clients. As well as building experience and expertise into Decision Analytics products and services, Experian also supports clients through the strategy design and implementation process, and beyond as their business develops.

How can we help you?

Consultants from Experian’s Decision Analytics division works with clients at every stage of the project, firstly to understand each client’s business, then helping to design and implement systems that deliver objectives.

Decision Analytics consulting has the overriding aim to prove and deliver quantifiable benefits to every business. It is practical and results driven, with systems and processes that are realistic to implement and maximise the benefits returned.

Experian has worked with clients in different industries around the world and has used this experience to create Decision Analytics specifically designed to address key business challenges.

Drawing on a unique understanding of business drivers, the complete propositions incorporate proven, leading practice to ensure clients can focus on what really adds value to their business. This ensures organisations can rapidly realise the benefits from Decision Analytics and maximise the return on investment.

A few key facts

Following implementation, the consultants stay close to every organisation through a regular review programme to evolve and enhance strategies as needs change and the business grows.

Most importantly, regular monitoring evaluates the benefits achieved, creating an environment for future improvements and increasing returns.

Experian believes that the Decision Analytics delivery is only the beginning of the relationship, and builds a partnership to continue to support and enhance the solution through a regular programme of consulting and development.

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