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PowerCurve Originations

How effective is your customer originations process?

The world of data is growing. This presents you with an opportunity to build up a comprehensive picture of your applicants allowing you to make accurate decisions, there and then in real time. Is your current originations process allowing you to make the most of this?

PowerCurve Originations is our customer acquisition solution and has been designed to help you turn today’s complex processes and decisions into tomorrow’s opportunities. It uses our expertise in customer acquisitions and offers a unique combination of data intelligence, analytics, decisions and execution to create a more powerful solution.

How can PowerCurve Originations help you?

Reduce time to decision - Consolidate your data to make quicker decisions.

Improve acceptance rates - Knowing more about your applicants can help you make more confident decisions.

Reduce customer acquisition costs - Automate your decisions and reduce the need for manual intervention.

Comply with regulations - Offer the right terms based on your customer’s circumstances.

How does PowerCurve Originations work?

Capture data at application stage - whether it’s online, via telephone or in store

Combine data with other data sources - such as credit bureau and your own databases

Make an automated decision - based on rules that you decide providing a fast and accurate result

Proactively monitor results - amend your strategies in line with your credit risk appetite

Credit & Collections Technology Awards 2017

Experian’s PowerCurve Originations was awarded ‘Best Credit Reference & Information Solution’ at the first ever Credit & Collections Technology Awards.

The Credit & Collections Technology Awards were launched to reward technological innovation and highlight the success of companies and individuals who have lead the way in enhancing credit and collections technology.

In choosing Experian as the award winner, the judges noted that PowerCurve Originations is: “A product that has enhanced the originations process in large organisations throughout the world.

The ability to bring multiple data sources together and make an advanced decision means that applicants can be offered the right product or service suited to their individual circumstances.

To find out more about how PowerCurve Originations can improve your customer experience, contact your Experian representative.