Customer Contact Strategy

Manage Multiple Contacts

Calculate the best possible contact plan at an individual customer level

The increasing use of digital channels for marketing activity has lifted the restriction on the volume and frequency of customer offers that can be sent.

The challenges of managing printing schedules, call centre capacity and mail sorting have largely been replaced by determining how to manage customer contact plans to ensure customers are not over-contacted, and that the best of many possible offers is sent to the customer, at the right time.

Marketswitch Optimisation solves this problem by creating an optimised contact plan which determines the best offer to make to each individual customer whilst meeting your contact rules, as well as any other restrictions there may be, such as call handling capacity, budget and product sales targets.

Key Benefits

  • Easily manage your contact rules – regardless of how many there are
  • Determine the very best offer for each individual customer to increase response rates and support their separate needs
  • Avoid over-contacting customers
  • Design a coherent, joined-up, customer-centric contact plan in a single step
  • Meet your business objectives and constraints

Product Features

Marketswitch uses proprietary techniques to calculate the best possible contact plan at a truly individual customer level.

It does this by analysing every single combination of contacts and selecting the one which best meets business objectives within the given constraints.

An intuitive, user-friendly interface ensures no mathematical knowledge or programming skills are required to operate the software. Alternatively, optimised contact plans can be delivered by Experian as a managed service.

How it works

20% improvement in the number of contacts made and two-fold increase in campaign response rates across multiple channels while drastically reducing the time it takes to create and deliver personalised offers to just a matter of hours.

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