Identity Verification Service

Experian Consumer Onboarding

Seamlessly verify and validate your customers' data in real time

Getting your new customers signed up quickly and efficiently is just as important as ensuring dishonest or prohibited people are stopped from progressing.

You need confidence that a customer is who they say they are; to confirm that they live at their given address, verify that they are old enough to purchase your products and ensure their bank account details are real and their own

You need a solution that will verify the identity of your customers, without slowing down or adding friction to their onboarding journey or purchase process.

How can Consumer Onboarding help you?

Reduce time and friction to onboard

A rapid customer onboarding journey means increased first-time pass rates and happier customers.

Identify and reduce fraud

Immediately identify fraudsters early in the onboarding process without disrupting the journey for genuine customers.

Improve data capture

Validating personal contact data at the point of entry to support you in building a 360 view of your customers, leading to better business decisions.

Due diligence

Ensure you are compliant with NCA and other regulations in your assessment processes

With tools available via API or screened access, our solution:

Verifies bank account information,

Confirms the customer is who they say they are and that the details they’ve given are linked to them,

Approves, refers or declines a request based on your prerequisites.

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