Data cleansing with Intact

Cleanse your data with Intact

Experian provides consumer and business data cleansing service, including the ability to enrich your data with demographic insight and suppress those who have moved, are now deceased, or who have opted out of marketing. Experian provides a convenient and cost effective way to manage your data integrity. Do you need to reduce wastage on mailing campaigns, improve response rates, conversion and Return On Investment (ROI), and protect your brand reputation? Then Experian can help.

What we do

Experian utilises industry leading suppression files for database cleansing, as well as providing data enhancement services – whereby a host of geo-demographic information data attributes including age, marital status, income and can be appended to your data. In addition, our market leading segmentations; Mosaic and Financial Strategy Segments can also be appended through Experian.

The Benefits

  • Achieve increased response rates by only mailing those who can respond
  • Improve ROI by reducing wastage and unnecessary processing costs
  • Protect your brand reputation, by avoiding inappropriate and badly targeted communications
  • Ensure you are complying with industry regulations and best practice, such as Global Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the Direct Marketing Association (DMA) code of conduct

How We Do It: The 5 Steps

1. Cleans and updates address and phone number

2. Validates residency

3. Suppresses those who can’t or won’t respond

4. Matches records to remove duplicates

5. Enhances data with insight to help better target your customers/prospects

Why Experian?

As data and marketing experts, we can help you maximise your marketing database by enhancing the data quality of your customers and prospects with our world-class database solutions software. We’ll also help you leverage its revenue potential with our marketing campaign tools and systems. Our integrated approach is what makes working with Experian so powerful.

Find out how we can help your business thrive